Friday, August 3, 2012

Disneyland Half Plan

One month until the race! (And until my birthday. Also, 6 months until our wedding. The 2nd is a totally exciting day lately!)

So we talked a little about snacks last week. We started working fuel into our long runs so we could get an idea what works for us. I love the taste of sport beans but I don't think they like me so much. We are both good with shot blocks. And I definitely loved the Chocolate Gu!

Updated race plan:

4 miles run, 0.5 walk: snack and water break during that walk break
(there is a water stop just before 4 and around 4.5 so we'll see how we feel then whether to stop early or wait)
3 miles run, 0.5 walk: water break
(perfect timed water stop at 7.5 miles)
3 miles run, 0.5 walk: snack and water break during the walk break
(last water stop is at ~11.75 miles, which is slightly inconvenient for our plan... may walk break, run again, and walk the water stop to snack and drink)

2.6 miles to finish!
...stumble back to hotel and have a good, long nap,

Naps are my favorite part!

I'm getting really excited. Not just because its a half marathon but also because... I love Disney! And I haven't been to Disney in about 2 years. Which is possibly the longest time I've ever gone, since my family moved to Florida when I was 4.
In college, just a short drive from the House of Mouse, Ali and I would go every year for our birthdays (2 days apart, on Labor Day weekend). You can go to guest services and get a big ol' pin that declares it's your birthday. Then all the people say Happy Birthday to you. (Fun fact, you can also get them for other events like "Just Married," "Anniversary," and "First Time." It's free... and so fun to be special. Highly recommend.) It's my birthday and Dan's first time so we are totally gonna get all buttoned out.. plus race medals (hopefully!)!

See, so excited!!!

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