Sunday, August 5, 2012

Disneyland Half Week 11 Training

Tuesday: 5:30 wakeup, 4 mile run
Had to be in to work at 8, so we got up extra early! We run in the morning to beat the heat, but then there's the humidity. However, if we get out the door by 6:15 then we get to take advantage of the magic moment right after sunrise and before the sun has risen too far... the streets are still shaded by trees and houses, but the humidity has cooked off a bit. It actually gets cooler (feel-wise, if not actual temp wise) before it gets hotter. Magic!

Thursday: 6am wakeup, 4 mile speedwork
So didn't want to do this, but I thought of coming back on here and telling you I blew off my run two weeks in a row. No way. So thanks for the push to get out there. I also ran alone, because Dan had to be at work at 7. I missed my running buddy but it was kinda nice to run with my headphones in. Especially for speedwork, the songs gave me a little extra boost/distraction to run fast.

Sunday: 5am wakeup, 10 mile run
Early (we went to bed way late... like midnight. Ooh party animals!), hot, far. I have blisters on both pinky toes (not too gruesome yet) and my legs are way sore. Weirdly, there was no soreness really last weekend when we went 9 miles, took a nap right after, and then I sat on console all night. But this week.. eesh. Hobbling a little bit.

In non-running news: My friend Ali was here all weekend. We bridesmaid dress shopped, hung out in mission control, and had more Houston fun. We met about 20 years ago in first grade and were best friends since... we even were college roommates many years later. Sadly, we now live 1200 miles apart and don't get to see each other very often. It was nice to hang out without a crazy agenda- trips back home involve seeing her as well as my whole family; busy busy! This weekend we got to hang out like old times... drink some wine (actually, we weren't 21 when we lived together so that was kinda new), watch a bunch of movies, etc. We also did some wedding stuff- picked out her bridesmaid dress for my wedding and I went to pick up my dress for her wedding which had just come in to David's Bridal.

In non-planetary news: Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover lands on Mars tonight (technically Monday, since it's just after midnight if you're in Central time or more east). Curiosity will be looking for signs of past life, present life, or conditions that could sustain life. Maybe he'll be able to tell us if we're alone in the universe. Don't expect little green men with eye stalks and antlers though, if there was or is life on mars, its probably of the microscopic, bacterial variety.
How far is Mars? Really freaking far. Curiosity left earth last November, and has been flying towards Mars for the past 9 months. More on Curiosity

That's all. No time for Sunday Set-up since I had company. Friday night I start 7 overnights, so we'll probably have a Thursday set-up. It's step back week, which is good since starting my run at 8am (when I get off work) I would swelter to death if I tried to go more than 4.

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