Sunday, August 19, 2012

Disneyland Half Week 12&13 Training

Only two weeks to our big race and, unfortunately, I did only half my runs for the two weeks. Week 12 was a busy week at work (several late nights AND a couple early mornings... no-win combo!) and then I had to swap my sleep around to work the overnight shift, from which I am still recovering (not very well).

Week 12:
Should have been a step back week, three 4-mile runs.
Wednesday: 5:30am wakeup call, 3.6 crappy miles
Unmotivated and buddy free. I was too sleepy to think to grab my ipod. It was about a mile in that I even woke up enough to think of it, so that ought to demonstrate how that first mile went. In the middle there I was trudging along and it was a slow run, then a slow jog, then a shamble, and then, finally, I just started walking. Went home and took a nice nap before my afternoon sim.

Thursday: Stayed up all night to sleep shift for my Friday overnight shift, made it to 5am! Usually I pass out on the couch around 3, so that's pretty good. Every time I started getting droopy, I would get up and do 5 crunches, 5 girly push-ups, and a 5 second plank. Then I'd be awake for a little bit,  before having to repeat.

Week 13:
Should have been 4 miles easy, 5 miles with 3 tempo, and a 10 mile run.
Tuesday: After work, went to the JSC running trail and ran 3 miles, 2 tempo with some walking.
I was hoping to do 4 with 3 tempo (0.5 warm, 3 tempo, 0.5 cool), but I was really kidding myself about how hot it would be. I wore my most reflective light colored shirt. I hydrated... It was 84, feels like 95, with 87% humidity and ruthlessly sunny. I did keep up a really nice tempo for those 2 tempo miles, both below 11:30 and I often looked down to see myself really booking it at 10:40ish pace which is really fast for me, and especially so considering the heat. I think my legs were really looking forward to the run after so many nights tied to a chair. Around 2 miles I started feeling kinda bad, and not sure whether it was regular exhaustion or heat exhaustion, I stopped to walk at the end of the second tempo mile and called it quits when I finished the route rather than double back for an extra mile.

Friday: 4.25 miles on the dreadmill, 1.5 tempo (a "blistering" 11:15 min/mile)
Since I can't possibly get to the trail any earlier than they let me out of work, and since it was so brutal Tuesday, I gave the treadmill a chance. I rarely run on treadmills. Part is access (I don't own one and don't frequent a gym) and part is hatred. I much prefer the open air, even if it comes with swelter, to being a hamster on a wheel.
Alas, there's a difference between swelter and dangerously hot, and Texas summer at 9am has crossed that line, so treadmill it was. It was pretty awful, mostly because my TV choices were: Today show (Did you know colorful stilettos and purple eyeshadow are in? Now I do!), Fox News, CNN, and CW "News." Ew ew ew and ew.

And... that's it. I planned to get up Sunday for the 10 miler, but it didn't happen for a variety of reasons- thunder, lightning, pouring rain, exhaustion, and sleep shift problems (basically couldn't eat anything Saturday because of nausea; was awake from 1:30 to 5 am Sunday morning, just because).  Sigh.

So what's next?
One more week of training, then an easy week... the race is in 14 days!
Tuesday: 5 miles
Thursday: 5 miles
Saturday: 10 miles or bust!

Monday: Chicken Stew
Tuesday: Wedding appointments all over town and then Houston Restaurant Week for dinner
Wednesday: Risotto- found this recipe awhile back, haven't had a chance to make it
Thursday: Sesame Soba Noodle Salad (perfect for leftovers to take to Friday, I have an all day sim and will need something easy with no heating required!)
Friday: Dan's sister is coming to town! Maybe I'll make what I make all my guests, Anne's Healthy Chicken Enchiladas!

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  1. Emily will love the enchiladas. I love enchiladas. Send me the recipe. Good luck with the running. MamaP