Friday, March 2, 2012

Life Tip Friday- Two things to do this weekend

1. Unsubscribe to junk mail!
Two weeks ago I made a resolution to actually unsubscribe from junk email instead of deleting it. Of course, I usually read my email on my phone, and its not practical to go and unsubscribe there. It's so much easier to just get rid of it right then and move on with life. But that only temporarily solves the problem. So I've been forcing myself to not delete, and then go on a computer later and unsubscribe. If you don't, one day your inbox will look like this:

 This is my email address from college, which I haven't used much in the 3 years since. I signed into it the other day and saw... 4619 unread Inbox messages. And its flooded with junk mail. Not a single one of those emails on the first page is one I would actually like to read. If you don't want your Inbox to look like that in 4 years, do yourself a favor and unsubscribe now!

There are 3 types of junk mail that you have to deal with:

1. The kind that companies send you. 
So you bought something from 3 years ago and your name made it onto their marketing list. Crap! Now every couple days you get a new email like "Dog bed season clearance!" I will remind you, you didn't save 10% on the dog bed you didn't really need, you wasted 90%. Luckily, because these are from commercial companies, they are required to put an unsubscribe link in the bottom of the email. So open that bad boy up, scroll to the bottom, and click unsubscribe. Some companies make you jump through hoops like typing your email address in a box or deselecting the types of emails you don't want. Don't be lazy now! DO IT!
Word of caution: if it doesn't look like a safe email from a real company, or if the site it takes you to looks sketch, don't click links or enter personal information. If you are unsure from looking at the email, you can hover over the sender name and see if it really came from or instead from who just happened to set their user name as "WellsFargo Bank" If you have even the slightest inkling of doubt, go ahead and use the response in #2 below instead of this one.
2. The kind that spammers send you.
Ok these are a little harder. When sends you an offer to enlarge your penis (newsflash, spammer, I do not have a penis and I don't want one) they usually do not include an unsubscribe link. Even if they did, it would probably not work as an unsubscribe but instead confirm to the sender that they got a good email address and make them send you more junk email. So all you can do is report it as Spam. Definitely do not click on any links or attachments in there, unless you want to have to reformat your hard drive. Besides, reporting as Spam is helping the Spam filter algorithm improve, so everyone wins! Except the spammer. Die spammer die!
Note that the email address is nothing related to the display name or the content. Gmail knows, this is SKETCHY!
 3. The kind you kinda want, sometimes.
Basically in this category fall the Groupon/Living Social/Bloomspot emails, and mailings from your bank or insurance company. Because sometimes you want those emails (like if there's a killer deal for a fancy dinner; or to let you know about suspicious account activity) but not others (like when they are sending you an email for a dog walking service halfway across town and you don't even own a dog; or when they want you to open a credit card). Usually you can tailor your subscriptions on these sites to only get the email you want. If you follow the unsubscribe link in the email or log into your online account, you can tailor your mailings to only the things you actually want.
Honestly, I am getting tired of the Groupon/LivingSocial/Bloomspot thing and am trying to decide if I would rather miss a deal because I forgot to check the site one day, or continue getting the emails every day. So far, still subscribed.

In addition to what comes to your inbox, there's also the Spam folder to contend with. So every weekend (starting with this one!) go into your Spam folder and deal with the first 10 (or more, or less, whatever works for you) emails in there. Follow the same steps above for the type of spam it is. No kidding, over just 2 weeks I have seen a drastic drop-off in annoying emails (groupon-type-things aside).
I figure I can't burn another email the way I did after college, this Gmail account is probably my internet identity for the next 60 years. Gotta take care of it!

2. For a second great thing to do this weekend... Go to this site and feel alternately REALLY BIG or really small! It's really cool.

Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? I'm working console Saturday and Sunday, but tonight is date night with Dan.

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