Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!


I know it's just an accident of the Earth's orbit around the Sun that every fourth year there's an extra day added to the year. In Judaism we actually have an entire leap MONTH added to the calendar, which has the effect of syncing our shorter calendar (12 months, 28 days each) with the seasons, and the Julian calendar.
But anyways, science, magic, or otherwise, it's interesting to look back at the last time the leap day came around.

4 years ago I was a senior in college. I was hard at work on Senior Design and as an RA:
Senior Design MoonBuggy
Monopoly Floor Theme

These ladies were my best friends:
Ali, Me, and Christine
Meg and me at SWE Conference
And I lived only minutes from the House of Mouse:

So I guess a few things have changed... Where were you 4 years ago today? Happy Leap Day!

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