Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Tuesday/Happy Friday

As my tweeps know, I was on console last weekend, so Tuesday night I finished up 9 days straight. Weekend shifts are difficult, because usually we have office responsibilities during the regular week, as I did last week and this week, so its hard to find days off when your normal ones are spent at work. Just because I worked the weekend doesn't mean I automatically get another day off. But a couple weeks ago I was asked to stay late Tuesday, which I decided I would only do because Wednesday was wide open on my schedule. So I officially requested Wednesday as a day off, worked til 6:30 Tuesday and now... it's FRIDAY!
A Beautiful Sunday in MCC

Well, Friday for me anyways. Although, if it were Friday, this would be the lamest Friday night in history. I came home from work, made some scrambled egg mush for dinner because there wasn't any actual food in the house, got started on laundry (one load down, 2 to go!), and watched the season premiere of Army Wives.  Love that show and you can't stop me!
If loving them is wrong, I don't want to be right. Source
 Oh yes, party animal. Tomorrow, on my "weekend" I'll be going to the chiropractor in the morning, then I have bunches of errands to run.. including packet pickup for our race and I might squeeze in some shoe shopping. Work shoes though, nothing super exciting. Then I'll meet Dan when he gets off of work for a quick run and dinner date.

Though I was on console I did get a few things done during the actual weekend...
  1. Dinner date with my wonderful boyfriend on the real Friday night.
  2. E-filed my taxes! Feels so good to be done.
  3. A 5 mile run, simulating our race paces.
  4. I ate one of these beauties:
 That, my friends, is an Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Bagel from Einsteins. And it was fabulous. (And I have looked up online that it apparently has 370 calories... and then I had cream cheese on it. Not the low fat kind.) Yum!

I think that's enough food pics to qualify as a WIAW. See others by clicking that badge:

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