Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Fun: Girl Scout Cookies

I was a Girl Scout. I was a Girl Scout long after it was cool, from kindergarten all the way until senior year in high school. I loved camping, I loved the girls in our group, but most of all I loved selling Girl Scout cookies. In fact, even though I hate talking to strangers (says the girl with a blog, but it's totally true) I had no problem accosting them as they tried to leave the grocery store and asking them to buy cookies. As we got older, our sales tactics became a little more advanced- We would eye grocery carts and recommend types that go great with beer, soda, salad... and once- Mike's Hard Lemonade. We would tell guys how great they went with Super Bowl parties. It was serious.
I loved selling cookies so much, that I basically cannot turn them down when they ask me as I'm hurrying into or out of the grocery store. The only time I have ever paid for groceries with my debit card, it was just to get $20 cash back so I could buy Girl Scout cookies. I don't even eat them, all the time. I just buy them.There are some from last year still in my freezer, but I still bought more this year.

Snazzy infographic: Source
The Business of Girl Scout Cookies

My favorite cookie of all time was the lemon Chalet Creme (vanilla cookie with lemon creme), long since discontinued. No other lemon cookie has come close, even though I buy the new lemon cookie every year. This year's Savannah Smiles were particularly disappointing. These days I guess the Tagalongs (I will never call them Peanut Butter Patties) are my first choice.

Source. So now you know about me: Lemon cookies and Tagalongs mean I'm an old grandma (true) having a sordid affair (false) and pretending to be a movie star beaver (? you decide...). What about you? What does your favorite cookie say about you? Were you a Girl Scout? Do you have a pathological need to buy Girl Scout cookies even if you won't eat them? Please say I'm not alone...

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