Friday, March 30, 2012

Wedding Planning Adventures

I don't really want to write a wedding blog. In part because I don't even read wedding blogs (though that's probably about to change), and in part because I don't think I have a single original idea or experience worth reading about. On, when you do a venue search (which I have done countless times in the last 9 days) they have an option for "Unique/Alternative" venues. This makes me laugh. The fact that it exists as a wedding venue means that, likely, hundreds or even thousands of brides have had exactly the same wedding you are about to plan. And who wants to read about the same damn wedding on 100 different blogs?

Alas, I have done precious little since getting engaged except plan my wedding, so that's all I really have to talk about. First on the list is to find myself a venue available on a date I want to get married. It's not as easy as it sounded. On multiple nights last week I came home, opened my laptop, and was "just going to return this one email" only to find myself 3 hours later, still looking at venues. I currently have 23 venues in my spreadsheet, all of which I have been exchanging emails with, crunching numbers on, and setting up tours for. The venues are different- indoor, outdoor, bring your own caterer, all inclusive, some inclusive, hotel, reception hall, resort, cabin in the woods... we don't know what we want. We don't know what there is available to want.

Houston, if you didn't know, is a massive city. Well the city itself is only ~30 miles across (still large), but the metropolitan area goes on for 50 miles in every direction. I live in a suburb to the south called Pearland. Work is even farther to the south, and boyfriend lives even farther south of that in League City. Here's a Google Map representing some of the venues we are looking at in the greater Houston area:

Last Saturday we drove 65 miles (that's only one way) from my house to the turquoise bubble in Magnolia and stopped at the red bubble in Tomball (red because we didn't like it). Thursday we went to the purple place at the bottom- a cool vineyard location but far from civilization, and really far from the airport. This Saturday we will be going to the green ones. That is around 200 miles round trip, which will take 4 hours all by itself. Plus there's the time spent at each venue.
The due north venues are most attractive for their closeness to the major airport (little blue airplane), especially since 80% of the guest list is coming from out of town. Yes, I am color-coding my Google map.

I'm not gonna lie, I was hoping that one of the ones we saw Saturday would be hands down the right place. Mostly because I'm already tired of driving around town. Spending 3-4 hours in the car on one weekend is enough, now we have to do it again! However, neither of them was the perfect spot, so the hunt continues. If the green bubbles aren't our place, we will go to the pink bubbles on the following Saturday. Those are 2 hotels and an event hall in Houston proper, and are more expensive because of being hotels and being in downtown. They also don't have the rustic, outdoorsy, not-so-fancy vibe we are hoping for . They are super convenient though, for our guests to stumble upstairs after a night of drinking.  And you never know, they might be awesome in person.
If we still have no luck, we'll be scheduling with the blue ones- many of them only offer tours on weekdays so we will have to take a day off of work to visit them together.
I know in the past week I have posted twice about wedding planning and once about work... because that's basically all I do anymore. Once the venue is sorted out, I think I can probably find some time to do something, anything else.


  1. Wedding planning is so much more complicated then back in the day when I got hitched. I've only been married like 45 years so... oh wait, it's actually 10. We got married in Corpus so there were probably 2 options for a venue... easy peesy. I hope you find something wonderful soon!!!

    1. Yeah, venue shopping is crazy. Too many choices!! Once we pick a place, it better be downhill from there!