Friday, June 28, 2013

Tri-ing Something New

Wasn't this an exercise blog once? Yes, yes it was. And then we ran a half marathon. And then we took a very long hiatus from any disciplined running. I mean we were planning a wedding, so that took up a lot of time. But that was 4 months ago. And that hiatus is still going. I had just started to go running regularly again, and then I got smacked in the face by summer. Now it's HOT. Last summer we were training for the half, so we got up early (really, really early) to get our runs in before dawn. (It was still really hot and humid... and miserable.)

Well, as much as I'd like to be in the same shape as last September, I don't want that so much that I'm willing to wake up before dawn for runs again. There needs to be another way. So after some research, I found a gym in my neighborhood that has not just the regular cardio equipment and weights floor (which we can get for free at JSC) but also an indoor running track (because the treadmill kills my soul) and... pools!

Nothing sounds better on a hot day than swimming! I've actually been really envious reading all of Caitlin's swimming adventures, so I was hoping to find a lap pool of my own.

I'm on the evening shift this week, so I took the advantage of freedom during the day to go sign Dan and I up for the gym and go a couple times. I have started roughly following the Beginner Sprint Tri plan here.

Day 1 (Tuesday): 15 minute run (not sure the distance because 1. I don't know how long it is and 2. I lost count of the number of laps), did some situps, then headed down to the weight room for some arms machines.

Day 2 (Thursday):  Florida kids are born with pool water in their blood basically, and I was on a short lived swim team in 8th grade. Even my poor public high school had a pool, and we spent an entire quarter in PE on swimming. And I went to the lap pool in college a handful of times too. But this was my first swim for exercise in about 7 years. And it was ROUGH. I would finish each lap totally out of breath. So there's room for improvement, obviously.

As I said, I'm roughly following a triathlon plan, because I do better with a training plan than just winging it. But that hasn't stopped me from eying the race schedule. If I were to do one, it would be this one: 300 yard open water swim, 11 mile bike, and 3 mile run. Honestly all 3 of these sports would require massive improvement in the next month for me to even sign up for the tri. Then there's the matter of my sad, old, heavy hybrid of a bike.  And the race is two weeks short of the actual end of my training plan, which doesn't bode well.
If I did do it, my only hope would be to live. But I'm a little suspect that I wouldn't drown in the middle of the lake right now. But for now... no tri, just training. Famous last words.

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  1. I felt the same way about the triathlon a year ago - and I finished my first one last weekend! What a rush! If you can do a 1/2 marathon, you can do the try-a-tri! Go for it!