Thursday, June 27, 2013

We the People

Oh you guys, I just can't.

I was all ready to post a real post today but... my goodness. Wendy Davis! SB5 goes down! Texas GOP thinks the rules don't apply to them! SCOTUS! DOMA! And this:

I will be honest, I'm a conservative. Fiscal conservative. Small government conservative. Maybe even a Republican.  But the Republican party of old Christian men who want to legislate their religious views into civil law do not speak for me. They do not, as they claim, have a monopoly on what is "right." These laws that invade our bodies and our bedrooms are unacceptable.

I want to look back on today and see this as the day that the party of anti-woman, anti-love, and pro-bigotry imploded, and risen from the ashes was a Republican party that I would actually vote for. That sound you hear, it's the tides turning.

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