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Wedding Stuff: Makeup

During wedding planning I mentioned a couple times that I was doing my own makeup for the wedding. In fact, not only I, but all 5 of my bridesmaids did our own makeup and I think it worked out great!
This was mostly borne out of laziness and fear. Weird, right? I wasn't afraid to do my own makeup with no experience, but I was afraid of getting it done professionally and then hating it because it didn't look like my face anymore. I wasn't too lazy to learn how to do my own makeup and do it on my wedding day, but I was too lazy to go find a makeup artist and have to go to (gasp!) a trial. It wasn't really about cost savings, although it did turn out cheaper (if not for me, because I bought a bunch of new makeup, then definitely for my bridesmaids.).

All 5 of my girls were pretty much pros at makeup, but I was a total newbie. As in, never owned eyeliner before because it looked scary. As in, I had an eyeshadow palette in my bathroom (a gift) that it turns out I had been using entirely the wrong way for years. Because I just had no idea what I was doing.

So how does a girl who goes naked face every day and doesn't know how to use her makeup get from there to this?

The short answer? Sephora. [Non-disclaimer disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this post, I just thought the help I got there was awesome and the stuff was cool!]

I found out that they'll do a full makeup tutorial for a $50 minimum purchase. If you've been there, you know you can get to $50 super quick, and I figured if I hated everything and decided to go the makeup artist route, I'd just buy my mom a present and not worry about it. (Sorry, mom, you lost that round!)

The makeup tutor was awesome- she literally taught me right there in the store how to use eyeliner. How to hold the brush and pull my skin and where to start and where to stop. She also taught me (finally) how to use an eyeshadow palette. And blush. (Yeah, I didn't know how to use blush either.) She listened to my concerns about looking too "done up," and picked more neutral colors that wouldn't be too shocking.

When you tell people that you're doing your own makeup for your wedding, they look at you like you're nuts. When you say your 5 bridesmaids are also doing their own makeup, people panic. Apparently, even though these grown-ass women already know how to do their makeup (some every single day), they can't be trusted not to look like clowns on your wedding day, thereby destroying your pictures which everyone knows is the only reason to have a wedding anyways. Or something. Let me tell you, it was fine.
None of them look like clowns to me! What do you think?
Also one of my favorite memories of that day is when me and 3 of my lovely ladies crowded around one bathroom mirror to put our faces on. Fun times!
Ok, on to the stuff! On the day of my wedding I wore the following makeup:

Face: (Note also how everything I put on my face uses a polite version of "Super pale" to describe my skin tone)
  • Tinted cream foundation- Miracle Skin Transformer in "Light" ($48 from Sephora)
    I wanted my freckles to show at my wedding. I happen to love them. So when the lady at Sephora tried a "BB Cream" (I'm still not sure what the heck this is) I decided it wasn't sheer enough. She went back to get something else. This stuff is lightweight, moisturizing, plus has SPF 20 and doesn't coat too thick. On the other hand it claims to "instantly transform your skin in one application." Transform into what?
  • Pressed powder- Neutrogena Mineral Sheers in "Classic Ivory" ($12 from grocery store)
    Just a little bit, to set the cream foundation so it didn't rub off on the first person I hugged.
  • Eyeliner- Sephora Smoky Cream Liner in "CafĂ©" ($12 from Sephora)
    My favorite of the Sephora purchases from my tutorial. When I decided I would do my own makeup for the wedding, I went immediately to Kroger and bought an eyeliner pencil. If I was gonna do my own makeup, eyeliner was a must in my mind (not true, there are no musts except the marriage license and officiant), and also my biggest obstacle. Well that eyeliner pencil was evil and pokey and tickled a bit too.
    Cut to my bachelorette party in Vegas when all the girls were done up and I was still in the bathroom shrieking quietly because the eyeliner pencil was hurting and tickling at the same time, but I was determined to learn so I kept stabbing myself with it. Yeah, it was hell.
    But! The Sephora lady hooked me up with this cream eyeliner and it was fantastic. It still tickled occasionally, but it was way softer and smoother and easier. Now that I've practiced I can actually use that pencil too, but when learning this was way better! This was also so waterproof that I showered in it and it didn't run. Usually a must for weddings, although I didn't cry at mine!
  • Eyeshadow, There were two:
    Sephora Palette in "Eternally Purple" (this was my old eyeshadow palette that I didn't know how to use, so I'm gonna go ahead and call it $0 since I didn't buy it for the wedding)
    Maybelline Quad palette in "Designer Chocolates*" ($4 from grocery store)
    When the Sephora lady fixed me up she used a giant eyeshadow palette with a combo of purple and brown. Rather than buy that big, expensive, palette, I knew I had the purple at home and opted to get brown on the cheap to supplement.
    On the wedding day, I wore the cream color on the brow, light brown on the lid, and purple with some blended brown in the crease. (See? Told you I learned how to use it!)
  • Mascara- Givenchy Phenomen'eyes in "Brown" ($30 from Sephora)
    This super waterproof mascara (again, worried I might need it) has a weird koosh ball shaped brush for getting all the little baby hairs. Good for fighting clumpage. Despite the stupid name, this stuff is awesome.

  • Blush- Sephora Microsmooth Blush Duo in "Fuchsia flushed" ($17 from Sephora)
    This is pretty pricey for blush and I half wish I had gone for cheaper, but I didn't really trust myself to pick a good color at the grocery store without the makeup lady to guide me. So I splurged.
  • Lipstick- CoverGirl Outlast in "Faint Hue" ($7 from grocery store)
    Another grocery store buy and it was long lasting and didn't rub off on Dan. All good things. It's a bit too dry (leaves my lips chapped) for any kind of everyday where but it was good for the special occasion and I do break it out occasionally.
  •  Remover- Neutrogena Cleansing Towels ($7 from grocery store)
    Having never owned waterproof makeup before, I needed some waterproof makeup remover, which kind of terrified me due to its similarity to paint thinner. These were awesome and portable.
So what was the total?
At Sephora I spent $107, then supplemented with $30 from the grocery store.  I also had to buy a couple brushes at Target (lets say another $20). So overall $157. To compare, a makeup artist in Houston usually charges about $175 for bridal makeup.
So it didn't really get me out of it for cheaper, but I now have learned a new trick, and have all this makeup to use whenever I want! Confession: I always hated when I would go out with a group of girls and they all would get ready and I would swipe some of my eyeshadow on (the wrong way, I now know), put on some mascara, and call it a day. It is fun sometimes to get gussied up, and now I can too.

Other tips:
  • Make sure your bridesmaids are comfortable with this sort of thing. I did offer to my bridesmaids that I'd hire a makeup artist if anyone wanted one; nobody did. But if I was asked that a year ago, I would have probably gone for the professional rather than learn all this.
  • Practice! I practiced hardcore. I picked Thanksgiving to practice the entire face and solicit feedback, but I also practiced eyeliner pretty much every weekend until I could do it without shrieking. This meant a lot of times my face didn't match my clothes (jeans, t-shirt... fancy eyes?! Yeah, weird.) but you gotta practice!
  • Have fun! It's only your face.
I totally recommend doing this, especially if you already have some of the stuff you'll need and can save some $. But also because its great to control what goes on your face so you know you'll like how your pictures look, and because it's fun to get beautified with the ladies all crowded around one mirror. If I can pull it off, basically anyone can; that's how bad I am was at makeup.

*Fact: If a makeup is named after a food, I am twice as likely to want it. Three times if it's a lipstick.
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