Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A tale of 2 weekends

Busy, busy so I only have one post this week. In it, I'll cover last weekend and this weekend. Ready? Go...

So last weekend I got off work at 8am. I wanted to not spend most of the day sleeping. I wanted to clean the house and get an oil change. But I did end up passing out around 10 and sleeping until 2:30. Then it was time to get up, eat, and head to meet Dan and some friends for the movie Cabin in the Woods at 4. No productivity that day. But a nice nap!
I don't like scary movies and this one was a little jumpy scary (the kind I don't like) and very gory (that doesn't bother me much) but was very good. No spoilers, but I will say it has more plot than your average scary movie. I recommend it. Just bring a big strong man to hide behind if it gets too scary.
Saturday we were going to get up early and go for a run, but I was super tired even though I slept for 10 hours. I woke up finally, slammed some caffeine, and Dan and I headed over to the JSC Chili Cookoff.  For $10 entry, you got a bowl and spoon for unlimited chili tasting, and a wristband for unlimited drinks (beer and soda). We lucked out with a beautiful day- high 60s when we got there, low 70s by the end.
So many booths!
Since it was all space center folks, there was a definite nerd theme running through everything....
Made by an Engineering group.
Robot stirring the chili!

They had a whole wooden diner assembled at their booths.
After that, we headed over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to make our first gift registry!
I was surprised that this was less like a fun shopping adventure and more stressful. Is this too expensive? What color should we get? Should we get china? Ahhh! But we survived and soon maybe the presents will start rolling in. Hard to argue with that!

As for next weekend...
Friday morning we leave for Illinois. We land in Chicago mid-day and are driving down to Champaign with my college friend Debbie and her husband. There we'll meet my other college friend (and future bridesmaid) Meg! Meg is running the 5k in Champaign on Friday night. Meg, Dan, and I are running the 10k Saturday morning. Debbie and Mike are running the half marathon. Meg will get a special medal for completing 2 races- the I challenge!

Goals for this 10k: I only have one. PR. Last time I finished in 1:14:00. We didn't train as dilligently for this one... maybe the knowledge that we could complete one made us cocky. So I'm not sure we can run the whole thing, but walk breaks may work to our advantage. But whatever happens, I am in for a fun weekend with good friends! So excited!

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