Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Weekend of Wedding Venues

Thursday night Dan and I visited the closest of the many venues we are looking at. It's a vineyard in Santa Fe, about 20 minutes south of League City, where Dan lives.
It was quite pretty, but if you remember the map (it's that purple one at the south), it's super far from the airport... and everything else.
Reception hall
Chapel in the vineyard for ceremony.

Groom's prep and/or Rehearsal dinner... in the wine cellar!
Saturday we had a looong day of driving... to all the green bubbles.
We went to a place called Amber Springs in the north part of Houston. This place is awesome and SO pretty, but when you book you only rent the space and the tables and chairs. Everything else, you have to bring in. Though I would love to get married here, I don't think I want to really do everything myself. Too much stress.
Reception hall, completely made of pine.
Outdoor ceremony space and grounds
Since we had back to back appointments all day, I packed a picnic, but thought we might end up eating in the car because we didn't know the area. As luck would have it, when we were driving to the venue we saw a public park, so after taking the tour, we stopped there to have our sandwiches.
That's my fiancé. We love food almost as much as we love each other!
Then we headed to another venue. This was The Woodlands Resort, a fancy golf club. We wanted an outdoor ceremony and this technically met the requirement, but it was too proper and stuffy for us. When the lady we met with told us the hotel rooms were $149 a night with the wedding rate discount, our decision was easy. We can't ask our guests to spend that kind of money.
Ceremony on the deck, overlooking the golf course.
Grand Ballroom. Pretty, but not us.
The last place we visited was so horrible I didn't take any pictures. Everything was really cheap looking. It is a testament to the photographers that they made the place look so pretty in the pictures we found online, compared to what we actually saw. So, that was a big no.

Ah, but I only told you 3 of the green places. And that's because.... we decided to pick the fourth one! Actually it was the first one we saw Saturday morning. Next Saturday we have to go back and sign paperwork and leave a deposit to make it official, but we already have our date on hold. This place has so many of the things we wanted: room for an outdoor ceremony, an open bar, hotels close by that happen to be near a mall so our guests can be entertained, places for the bride and groom to get married, beautiful grounds for photos. It also has things we didn't realize we wanted until we saw it: like a fire pit at the entrance, indoor and outdoor lounge away from the party in case our guests want to scoot away to relax. It's also an all inclusive package- food, cake, location, linens, and more. Much more relaxing than a bring-your-own place. We also love the old world Mexico feel, and all the lush green grounds!
Outdoor Ceremony Site. You can even have a real fire in the fireplace!
Entrance. The two columns are also fire pits. We like fire!
Reception area. House linens and house centerpieces, which we'll probably use.
The place is already filled up next March and April. We were looking at Feb, and our first choice date was taken. We didn't want to let it get away so we had to act fast. After some agonizing, and a call to both sets of parents, we decided to go for it. So, we'll be getting married here, in Katy, TX on 2/2/13!
This outdoor seating area is Dan's favorite part!


  1. We've been to several weddings there - it's beautiful, especially when the fire is lit :)

  2. I, also, liked the online pictures. I am glad you two are happy with the selection Can't wait for Feb 2, 2013! Love, mamap