Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday- Return of the Chametz

Passover ended Saturday night, so I had my first deliciously bready meal when I woke up for work Saturday night. I also dug into the boxes in my cabinet for goodies like pita chips and rolled oats.
But I consider that passover really ended for me Tuesday night when I finally went to the grocery store to buy perishable chametz staples like bread, hummus, and this breakfast of champions:

Around midnight I had another snack, a portable instant oatmeal. They have a hot water tap at work that I use for tea so I poured some in my oatmeal cup.
(Side note: Does anyone know how to get blogger to not rotate my photos wrong? It's goofy!)
I filled to the line, like I was told, and let it sit for a few minutes. It was a little watery for my taste but otherwise delicious. I love apples and cranberries and walnuts. Here are the nutrition stats:

Not too shabby for a console breakfast that requires no cleanup!

Around 2am I was getting really cold so I made a hot beverage. I love the caffeine content of chai (a must on the overnight shift!), but the flavor is a little overwhelming so I add a package of  hot cocoa. I stole this idea from what folks call "MCC Mocha," a packet of hot chocolate made with coffee instead of tea. I don't like coffee at all, so I don't do that. But the tea gives the cocoa a stronger, cinnamon-y taste that is pretty delicious.

It warmed me right up, so much I even turned off my space heater for a couple hours.

At 5am I warmed up my dinner. Leftover Mexican Lasagna. It was Dan's idea and I can't find the recipe... but it was pretty good! A little liquidy, might try with no bake noodles to let them absorb some of that juice.

When I got home I ate another breakfast (or dinner) of champions:
Beer and waffles are both no-nos on Passover. Yummy! Hey don't judge me for a 9am beer, it's 5:00 somewhere. (Like in Munich, Germany, where our ESA counterparts control their ISS module from).

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  1. A Blue Moon is fabulous no matter what time it is! ;)

  2. The sushi looks amazing! I haven't had it in soooo long, and just seeing your pictures makes my mouth water!

    1. Hah, I bought it at the grocery. It's definitely not anything special. I'm lucky I scored the brown rice kind though, they don't always have it!