Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

Monday was my 27th birthday so it's a new year of my life. (Didn't you know: Labor Day is a holiday to celebrate my birth... like President's day celebrates Lincolns! Or is it Washington's?) We celebrated with food. Of course.
Saturday night was the season opener for my husband's beloved Hokies (where they were expectedly crushed by my mother's Crimson Tide). I perused Cooking Light for some lighter football party foods and picked artichoke dip and buffalo wings. I also threw together a taco dip (I guess it's called 7-Layer Dip, but I only came up with 5 layers) when my husband decided to invite a friend over to watch. The artichoke dip was amazing and super easy, highly recommend!

Sunday after a 10 mile bike ride, we headed for brunch at Brennan's of Houston:
Turtle Soup!
Chop salad with avocado dressing


Bread pudding
 Their specialty is Bananas Foster, made tableside:

Sunday afternoon and Monday I baked Honey Cake:
and Chocolate babka:

and Challah (one for the meal before the Yom Kippur fast next week, one for... some other time):
Monday night we headed for my birthday dinner to the Oceanaire Seafood House (also Houston Restaurant Week- Monday was the last day. Til next year awesome multi-course menus...) but I decided to take the night off from photographing everything and enjoy the food and company.

As for this week, Wednesday night begins the Jewish holiday Rosh haShana (literally Head of the Year) which celebrates the beginning of the Jewish year. It's 5774! (...Feels like just yesterday it was 2013,
amazing how time flies!)

Dan and I are heading to Florida, where my parents and grandparents live, for the holiday festivities. I actually cannot remember the last time I went home for Rosh Hashana... it might have been while I was still in college. Usually I don't travel for the Jewish holidays because unlike the big Christian/American holidays they happen in the middle of the week and with no holiday time off.

Because of this, Dan has never gotten the chance to go home with me for a Jewish holiday. So it'll be a new experience for us. He even agreed to give services a try... on the first day, anyways.

Since we'll be enjoying the holiday and time with friends and family, you won't be hearing from me until next week. Have a good weekend and a Happy New Year!

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