Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Last Post as a Single Lady

Been a busy week of wedding prep.
On Saturday my parents came to town to help. I went to work on Sunday while they went to Sam's to buy all kinds of goodies.

Monday we packed the welcome bags for our hotel guests (127 of our 162 guests are coming from out of town, so there were A LOT of bags!).
 I worked my sweatshop slaves to the bone!
 See me kicking back in the background? I was actually writing the welcome letter.
 Tuesday mom labeled the favors...
 And Dad tied 100 perfect little bows. Mom and I helped, but we don't have surgeon hands.
Tomorrow morning we are driving up to the hotel by the venue and Saturday is the big day! I'll be back next week to share more wedding pics. See you then!


  1. Can't wait to see you as a beautiful bride!!

  2. So excited for you Stephanie! Can't wait to hear and see about it all.