Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wedding Update- 2 more weeks!

We're getting married in 2 weeks! Things have been busy. In the last month or so, we...

Washed 96 glass bottles (thank goodness for dishwashers) and filled them with homemade spice rub. The labels were ordered online from They came out so good and didn't even take a week to arrive!
The majority of the spices we bought in giant bottles from Sam's Club, but a few we had to special order from Amazon.We mixed up batches in a big bowl and funneled into the bottles.
We also hit up Hobby Lobby for some random supplies, including stamps for decorating our welcome bags. It took us about 3 hours to stamp the 70 bags which I ordered online from

Wedding party gifts bought and packed. Contents a secret, wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!

And I did a bunch of not-very-photogenic paperwork- songs list, ceremony composition and worked on the program. While home for Ali's wedding I picked up my dress and brought it back in a carry-on. And remember, I cleaned out the bedroom for Dan's stuff! Whew.

Here's an almanac weather report for our wedding day:
Yup, record high of 81, record low of 12 on the same day.  Is a perfect, average, 66 degrees too much to ask for? Probably. Only 3 more days and then I can start hawking the 10 day out forecast. Fingers crossed for good weather!

What's left on the to do list?
  • Track down the last few guest list delinquents (can you believe some people are over 2 weeks late?!) before my count is due on Wednesday.
  • Seating chart, place cards, table numbers
  • Welcome bag shopping and packing
  • Finishing up the favors (only the example above is labeled)
  • Get my dress steamed
Luckily my parents and Dan's parents are all coming next Saturday to help finish up these things and help me move it all to the hotel by the venue.

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  1. I hear that a 60-year-record-breaking cold snap on your wedding day is good luck. That's how it works, right?