Sunday, January 6, 2013

Most Productive Sunday EVER

Whew. I was going nonstop for several hours today. I worked up a sweat and an appetite. One major thing on the Wedding To-Do list was not about the wedding necessarily. But as you may know, Dan and I each own 3 bedroom houses. And having a 3 bedroom house gave me plenty of places to hide my crap. I had a closet just for shoes and handbags, ok? (Mind you, most of them were 6+ years old and hadn't seen the light of day in about 4 years... but I had them!)

But all of that changes on February 3rd, when my husband is going to start living here. [I still don't have enough room for all his stuff- betwen us we own 3 beds, 1 pull out couch, and 1 futon (which if you're doing the math is at least 2 beds too many for either house). Both of us have more downsizing in our future.]

But as I type this, there is now enough room in the closets and drawers for him to move his clothes over. I sure wish I had thought to take "before pictures" but you'll just have to trust me that I used to have a lot less empty space.

My main closet now:

There's actually a third section too, where my fancy clothes and ski clothes are shoved in the corner, with more room for Dan's stuff. Isn't it obvious I bought the house for the closets? (Actually, it was the kitchen, the closet was a bonus!)

Here's my drawers. They were all full this morning but now the right side are all empty!

Where did it all go?  Well here's the stuff to donate:
 And there's more in the trash. I don't know why I save clothes with pit stains and holes. I found a pair of jeans in my closet that was once dark wash that looked almost white now. Why why why didn't I throw them out 4 years ago? "Just in case." Anyone else have this problem?

Then I tackled the "wedding room." We have gotten a lot of gifts, and though I'm on top of my thank you notes, I was just stashing the boxes in my spare bedroom. I put away everything I could and broke down all the boxes.

 Yes, this is two boxes full of broken down boxes. A shame the recycling went out yesterday and won't go out again for 2 weeks! There is more that I don't have space for yet (first world problems, huh?) so I put it in the guest bedroom closet:
 The final result? This room, which I couldn't get more than 3 steps into yesterday, is almost totally empty:

Everything that's left is wedding day stuff- my accessories, wedding party gifts, some other odds and ends.  It had to be emptied because the week before the wedding I am hosting all 4 parents (my mom and dad, Dan's mom and dad) in my house. That couch is a pull out queen, and now I can actually pull it out for someone to sleep on! Hooray!

And then, if that wasn't enough for one day... we are heading out of town on Thursday to go home for my bff Ali's wedding. Friday morning is my second wedding dress fitting, and then Saturday is her wedding. So I did laundry and packed most of my stuff for that. I am feeling so accomplished and ready to settle on the couch with a glass of wine.


  1. dang! look at you go!! i'm in the midst of a massive clean out too, but i haven't done as well as you. hopefully you being motivated will get me to be more motivated ;-)

    1. You can do it Rachael! Do what I did and just block a day off to get it done. You'll feel so much better when it's gone! :-)

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