Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Sneak Peek

So I won't have the professional pics for a few weeks, but a couple of family photos have rolled in. Here's your sneak peek:

The weather was gorgeous. (perhaps a tad warm, and there were mosquitos at the ceremony... but I'll take that over freezing rain!) I was so glad we got to use all the outdoor space that we first fell in love with at the venue!
Despite all my worries that something had to go wrong, everyone got there on time. The deacon, the rabbi, the florist with the chuppah, the photographers. Whew!
 My sister made the sign, so that we would have mixed seating at the ceremony. I didn't like the idea of his side/her side, and mentioned wanting to make a sign like this a few months ago. My sister volunteered (she's crafty) and it came out perfect and matched really well!
Here's my maid of honor (my sister) and the best man (Dan's brother) walking down the aisle. Check out those GORGEOUS apple green ties I got for the groomsmen from Bows-n-Ties. So snazzy!

The chuppah was made by our florist and has my dad's talit in the middle with one from each of my grandfathers on the sides. I was worried they wouldn't all fit, but it turned out to be just the right size!

And then we were married! 

 And there was some dancing...
More details and pics to come, but for now I have to get back to writing thank you notes...

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