Monday, July 7, 2014


Turbulence, noun. Conflict or confusion. The state of agitation or tumult. (source)

I consider myself a very organized person. My husband would probably say "too organized." Every Friday or Saturday I plan meals for the week. Then every Saturday or Sunday I hit the grocery story to buy all the ingredients for those meals. I do not grocery shop during the week if I can at all help it. I put the meals in order of the things I think will go bad first... fish on Sunday or Monday night, fresh cilantro by Tuesday, etc.

Now this is stuck in my head. source

On Thursday, our refrigerator died. When it died, we had ingredients for 3 more dinners inside, plus a few random leftovers, and my console snacks for the weekend (never go to console without snacks is a hard and fast rule in my life). Because I was organized. I was ahead for the week. I like it that way.

But the fridge did not. We went through the five stages of grief...
  • "Maybe the door wasn't closed all the way last night. Let's put a thermometer in there and see if it recovers by the time we get home from work." (Denial)
  • "This refrigerator is only four years old. What a piece of crap." (Anger)
  • "What do you mean you can't come out until NEXT Friday? Don't you have emergency appointments saved for things that are actually, you know, emergencies." (Anger, again)
  • "Well maybe it's something easy. Let's crack it open and see what it looks like inside." (Bargaining)
  • "How am I gonna live without a refrigerator? #firstworldproblems" (Depression)
  • Then we put some of our perishables in a cooler full of ice, and made a shopping list for everything nonperishable. On the back has day by day shopping list for perishables for that night which one of us will pick up on the way home each day. (Acceptance)
We've since bought 6 bags of ice and 2 bags of dry ice to keep our perishables alive... and keep the beer cold. Why isn't "drink the pain away" one of the stages of grief? Because it's ALL stages of grief. It hasn't been so terrible yet, but I am rather upset over the quantity of food I've had to throw away. Less about the cost then about the total waste involved.
And because now I'm disorganized. Agitated. Turbulent.

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