Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Should Have Written / Staycation

There are many times I should have written. I should have written when interesting things happened. (Some are enshrined forever in half-written posts, likely never to be finished.) I should have written when nothing happened, but I had a spare moment to write. If I am to be a writer, then I should have written.

I learned last semester that all one needs to make a decent personal essay is to sit down and write. You don't even need an idea half the time, your fingers will find it for you. So, I should have written. All that one needs, I should say, is the discipline to sit down and write.

The discipline to spend roughly 50 hours a week at work, 6 or 7 hours a week driving to and from work, 2 hours a week exercising, 30 minutes a day walking the dog, an hour a day making, eating, and cleaning up from dinner... and to follow all that up not with snuggles on the couch with husband and pup, but with an hour or two of writing. As it turns out, I guess I can't write at all.

This weekend, Dan and I declared it a staycation. After my increment, recovering from my increment, a bachelorette party in New Orleans, and a visit by my in-laws, we found ourselves facing the last free weekend before my next set of classes start up. We thought we might go away for the weekend to a B&B in Texas Hill Country, but with only about a month's notice had trouble finding a place that was reasonably priced and would allow us to bring Raider along. Instead we opted to stay home and have a "staycation" instead.

Reasons "staycation" is better than vacation:

  1. No airports.*
  2. No suitcase to pack... and worse, to unpack.
  3. Laundry gets done and fridge gets stocked, so you can start the week off on the right foot. 
  4. You actually get to relax rather than having to "go" and "do."
We decided to rule out all the usual chores, except the ones that not having done is actually more stressful than having to do. So, groceries were bought and clothes were washed. Toilets were not scrubbed, rooms were not dusted. With our spare time we:
  • Went to the dog park. 
  • Saw X-men. (Loved it.)
  • Ate dinner at Giacomo's Cibo e Vino, a lovely Italian eatery in downtown Houston which also happens to be #32 on the Houston Chronicle's Top 100 Restaurants in Houston.
  • Went for a nightcap at Anvil Bar & Refuge, which I highly recommend if you'd like a cocktail rather than a beer (my husband, of course, got beer anyways).
  • Slept in.
  • Had brunch, including grapefruit and orange juice mimosas.
  • Lounged poolside.
  • ... and still started the week with clean clothes, no suitcase to unpack, and a fridge full of food. 
That was my weekend. How was yours?
*Once upon a time I loved to fly. Technically I still love to fly, because it is not the time in the seat in the sky that bothers me. Rather, after a string of bad luck (terrible cold-- zero tissues, lost bag, many delays, traumatic 2-hour line to check bags followed by mad dash-- shoes in hand-- to the plane, lost bag, another delay, etc.) I just dread every new flying experience. A new chance to lose a bag (I'm pressing my luck, sooner or later one won't make it back), a new chance to be delayed, to have to make a mad dash to a connection, to be stranded somewhere I don't want to be. All the fun has been sucked out of flying. Happily, I haven't been on a plane since Christmas, and only have plans to take 3 plane trips this year. 

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