Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Happened In Vegas...

...stays in Vegas gets blogged about by Wednesday.
A group of my best girls and I headed to Vegas this weekend for my bachelorette party. I know I'm not getting married for a few months, but we all needed to travel and fit everyone's work schedules and the holidays are in there so... well, we went in October. So sue us.

Friday morning, bright dark and early, Dan's sister Emily and I headed to the airport to fly to Vegas. (She drove in from New Orleans on Thursday to be my travel buddy.) We arrived in Las Vegas 5 hours later, at 10am Pacific time, and met up with my bff Ali and Dan's cousin Mary.
Ali, Me, Mary, and Emily exploring.
We rented a car for the airport runs and set about preparing for the weekend: hotel, lunch (LV has approximately 500 Subway restaurants, its so weird), grocery run for snacks, liquor store run, airport run, airport run.  Finally at 6pm, my sister Heather arrived and we were all together.  We returned the car same day to the Hertz in the Riviera hotel, super conveniently walking distance from the hotel. First item of business: underwear games...

Then we got dressed up for a night on the town. My party planner Meg couldn't choose between cowboys and nerds so we dressed up as both!

There were penis straws...
And Toby Keith.
Emily, Meg, Mary, Toby, Me, Ali, Heather, and Deb. The whole gang!
(Ok so that's not actually Toby- I'm sure you were fooled! But we did go to his bar and do some dancing.)

The next morning we took our time getting up, then headed for a walk around Vegas. We ended up at the Wynn for a crazy lunch buffet. I didn't take food pictures (too busy scarfing) but it was DELICIOUS.


 Afterwards, we took a little walking tour of the hotels:


Walking down the Strip.
Caesar's Palace.


I was told we had to be ready at 5, but wasn't told why. The reason? A LIMO!

It was super cool to ride around Vegas in a limo, drinking champagne and feeling like fancy ladies.

We visited the Las Vegas sign. "I thought it was bigger." "That's what she said."

And Elvis.
Then headed to a fancy dinner, followed by a show. We saw Cirque du Soileil Zumanity, which we picked at a discount ticket place because it was the right time and the right price. Turns out, it was all about sex... and mostly topless. Perfect for a bachelorette party, but totally by accident.
We were supposed to go clubbing, but I'm lame. So most of us went to bed at 1, while Meg and Heather headed out to a club until almost 4am!

The weekend finished up with a relaxing pool day Sunday.

Then we headed to Miracle Mile shops for a sushi buffet and some fun and games.

Me and Celine. I threatened to be her biggest fan
because nobody wanted to see her show.

We stopped at the Bellagio to watch the fountains...

And Caesar's so Meg could put $1 in the penny slots. She walked away with $3!
Lucky Lady!

Afterwards, we headed home to empty the fridge (aka drink all the wine) and play some Cards Against Humanity.

It was an awesome trip! I was so glad to have all my favorite ladies together for some fun nights. Can't wait to see everyone again in February!
Me winning Cards Against Humanity. Which apparently makes me the most horrible person there.
But isn't my Bachelorette sash fun!


  1. What a fun weekend!! I loved reliving it through your blog post. I especially love how Flanders makes a few sneak appearances. Love you!

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