Thursday, March 13, 2014

Meet our New Arrival

Meet Raider!
He came with a different name, but he didn't seem to know it, so we renamed him Raider. As in...
(Source) Cylon Raiders from Battlestar Galactica. We don't call it Nerds in Love for nothing! When I suggested "Raider" as a name, Dan said "As in 'Cylon Raider?'" He knows me. :-)
Dan and I adopted Raider last week. We had been talking about getting a dog for awhile. We almost did in November, but we had a week-long trip for Christmas already planned and I worried about boarding a dog for so long when he was so new to us. Finally the weekend before last we went to the Houston Humane Society shelter to pick out a new best friend.

We looked at an Australian Shepherd first, but this little guy stole our hearts. He was surrendered by his owners at the beginning of February, but they didn't give a reason. It was obviously not because he was a bad dog though. He's the sweetest!
He's really good at "sit." We're working on "down" and "stay."
He's definitely part German Shepherd, but only 43 pounds which is about half the size of a typical German Shepherd (he's 2 years old, so fully grown). I think that's good though, he's a good size! His body proportions seem a bit off, so we think the other half is Corgi... long body, short legs, big ears.
Are you my mother? (Source)
 We took him home Thursday after he got neutered and some shots and he took to the house pretty quickly. He's housebroken, sits on command, and seems to do fine with the crate (took some coaxing to get in the first time, but now he'll lay in there of his own accord when he wants a break). The only bad habit he seems to have is jumping up on people, but he'll get there.
Raider's likes: Food. All kinds of food. Will do anything you ask, for a treat. Snuggling. Making friends with other dogs. (He doesn't bark, just sniffs.)
Raider's dislikes: Toys. He will eat the treats out of his Kong but then immediately abandons it. And we bought him a plushy squeaky thing but he literally hides behind us/things to get away from it. He also doesn't seem to enjoy when other dogs bark at him. He's a lover not a fighter, I guess.
Thinks he's a lapdog.
Welcome to the family, Raider!

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