Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tales from a Government Shutdown, pt 2

As I said in my last post, the hubs and I are teleworking since we are unable to go to the office except for critical operations until the shutdown is over.

It isn't exactly a picnic, but it hasn't been all bad. Here's 5 pro's of teleworking...

1. Elastic!
My regular workday wear of real bras, real shirts, real pants (or at least jeans), and shoes has been temporarily replaced with yoga pants, sports bras, Lululemon workout shirts, and happy bare feet. I'm so flipping comfortable I don't ever want to wear real pants again.

2. My favorite cubemate
Hubs and I have been working at the dining room table together all week. While I do like seeing other humans, getting married is basically admitting to the world that if you had to be trapped on a deserted island (or stuck in a house) with one other person, you'd want it to be that one. He is pretty cute!

3. Commute
My 35 minute commute has been replaced with a 35 second commute. Not to mention, I don't have to shower, and dressing takes about 5 minutes so I've really streamlined my mornings (and am turning all those time savings directly into sleeping in!). On that note, we're also saving gas... my husband and I each usually go through about a tank a week!

4. Nice weather
Houston has been hit with a spell of pretty nice weather. We have left the windows open in the house until lunchtime every day to take advantage of the cool breeze, which we wouldn't be able to enjoy if cooped up in an office all day.

5. So long 'To-do List'
I had a growing to-do list at work of "nice to have" updates to products that I was saving until I had time. Well guess what? Without meetings, sims, or marathon software testing sessions, I suddenly have time for it! Is it the most thrilling work? Well, no, but it will make our procedures all shiny and new when we get back to the grind!

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