Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wedding Update: November

Another month closer to our wedding! I know I'm terribly late getting this out, but the night shift and the holidays have me running a bit behind.

Here's what we did in November (and part of December):

Wedding invites sent.

And we've started getting responses back. Nearly all "Yes" so far, but I guess that's normal?

Dress fitting number one, done.
I totally love my dress, by the way. I tried on a zip-up but ordered a lace-up without seeing how it would look. It's GORGEOUS! Also, since I bought the dress back home and only have time for the first fitting (which I did at Thanksgiving) and the second fitting (which I'm doing when we go back for my friend's wedding in January), its nice to know I don't need the top to be altered. Just some shortening and we're good! If it's needs more work after the fitting in January, my parents will be bringing it with them 2 weeks later when they come out to Texas for the wedding and I won't have a third chance to try it on. If it had to be altered for size, I would worry a lot more about taking it sight unseen.

Veil acquired.                                                                                              Cake topper procured.

Ties for the boys are in:
Green for the groomsmen, purple for the groom. 

Today I had my hair trial. Here's a sneak peek:

                                This was our inspiration, from pinterest:

What's left?
  • Favors, table numbers, programs and place cards, welcome bags (since these depend on how many people are coming, I'm saving them for later to avoid over-buying)
  • Some clothing odds and ends- I need stockings, Dan needs a shirt, etc.
  • Still working on ceremony and music selections.

Other ideas I'm working on:
I've seen many variations of this sign, and I love it. Just working on how to word and display it...

And... that's all I'm gonna let slip for now. Gotta have some surprises. :-)


  1. "Listen, you're going to be stuck with each other for a long time. Might as well start getting to know each other now."

    The most recent wedding I was at sat social groups together, which I kinda wish had been done differently, since the groom's people seemed nifty but we never got much of a chance to mingle. Conversation became impossible once the music started.

    On the other hand, at Julia and Deema's wedding, they sat translators/cultural liaisons at every table which proved super awesome, 'cos it was an opportunity to meet new people, and a learning experience as well as a necessity to prevent bored, dumbfounded Americans (much of the ceremony was Russian in language and custom).

    I guess what I'm saying is that you might want to force some mingling =-).

    Also, fantastic hair choice!

    1. Well I guess it depends on your personality. I hate making small talk with strangers and would probably prefer to sit with people I know.
      On the other hand, some people just LOVE chatting up strangers and would hate being stuck with the same old people.

      With 150+ people coming from out of town just for our wedding I think the majority might prefer to hang out with the people they already know but don't get to see very often due to geography being a jerk.

    2. I usually hate being forced to mingle, but it works out when there're people I'd like to meet, but no opportunity presents itself. It's definitely something that can backfire, and I had no idea your guest list was so long. Perhaps it's better to let a group that large self-select as you planned =-).