Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend Update & Wedding Invites

What a week! I thought that "fall back" was supposed to make you feel more rested, but somehow I found bedtime sneaking up on me every night and woke up exhausted every day. Also, definitely not loving how it gets dark before I get home from work these days!

By Thursday, I was too exhausted to even make a real dinner. Instead, I made...
One of Dan's childhood favorites- shells and cheese with beef hot dogs. I added some roasted green beans to the side so it would have some nutritious content. Still probably healthier than going to a restaurant. And cheaper.

Friday after work we headed to the grocery for the ingredients for Splattered Apron's Stuffed Salmon, and we happened on the random fall squash. There was all kind of funny-looking squashes, and we picked this guy:
He was quartered, oiled, and tossed in a 350 degree oven for about an hour.

I was surprised that it was kind of bitter and I didn't like it too much. I later searched how to cook it (too late to make a difference) and saw that people recommend butter and brown sugar, which probably would have helped with the bitterness. Maybe next time the baby blue Hubbard comes along!

This weekend we finished stuffing our first batch of wedding invites! (We have a few more that we'll do later, for various reasons.) 114 wedding invites, stuffed and sealed:

 We started last weekend with numbering the reply cards (in case people forget to write their name), stamping the reply card envelopes, and stuffing everything but the reply cards inside:

That was actually pretty easy, only took about an hour. Then this weekend, we labeled the envelopes and made sure to match the reply cards with the labels. About 4 hours went into labeling, ribboning, and stuffing into envelopes:

We made little templates for labeling- measured the envelope and labels, then cut a cardboard box top to center the labels. Dan suggested it, but I was immediately into it, he didn't have to sell me on straight labels. I set him to work hacking up a box while I went to find the tape measure. I realize this is a totally nerdy thing to do, but I love that about us! Bonus, our labels are pretty damn straight and centered.  Here's our template in action:

All done!

We stamped 3 of them (my mom, his mom, and his roommate) and dropped them off at the post office dropbox, to make sure those arrive ok before we stamp and mail the entire bunch. Assuming those arrive in one piece soon, we will stamp the rest next weekend and drop them at the post office in a week. Can't wait for the responses to start rolling in!

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