Monday, November 5, 2012

Motivation Monday

Oh man, does the end of daylight savings suck or what? Well, sure there's that whole feels-like-I-got-to-sleep-in thing. But now its dark at 6pm.

Today I stopped for groceries after work and by the time I got out of the grocery? Pitch black. Which equals ZERO motivation to work out. So here's what I told myself to convince myself to work out:
  1. You can have one of these cookies!
    This is what happens when you grocery shop hungry!
  2. You can watch Once Upon a Time and Revenge when you're done. (By the way, I am LOVING starting my week with new episodes of those two awesome shows!)
  3. It's only 20 minutes. (This is my best motivator- 20 minutes of working out and then I'm done? I can put dinner on the stove and it'll be ready when I finish. Perfect for a weeknight when I'm already hungry and don't want to do a long workout before dinner.)
  4. You skipped it yesterday because you were gonna do it today. You can't skip it twice.
  5. Don't be lazy. Lazy doesn't give you sexy wedding arms!
    Ok, this lady is kinda scary. But she does have sexy arms. Source.
As you can see, I go through bribing, threatening, and bargaining in order to get myself off the couch. It worked though! I did another round of 30 Day Shred Level 1 (I think that's 6 times... haven't been keeping track). Level 1 leaves me sore already, can't imagine what might be in store for level 2.

Special shout-out to Rachael who recommended these kickass videos. I am loving them!

How do you talk yourself into working out?


  1. Workout buddy does it for me. If I know he'll be there, I'm there. Works really well.

  2. Woohoo! I'm glad you're liking it!! And good job on forcing yourself to get it done!