Tuesday, March 12, 2013


We're back! We had a wonderful honeymoon... until I got sick on the last couple days. The flight back was a long day with my nose running like a faucet all the way across the Atlantic.

Oh well, glad I didn't get sick until the end. And I'm getting close to recovering now, just in time to go on the night shift this Friday.

In the meantime, I'm working on some more posts, getting ready for Passover, and happy to report that wedding pics are in...

So far, I think this is my favorite.
Photography By Janine: Daniel & Stephanie &emdash; DanielStephanie-386
Our chuppah was gorgeous, that sunset is perfect. And I married that guy! Pretty cool.

Also I remain irrationally in love with those green ties.
Photography By Janine: Daniel & Stephanie &emdash; DanielStephanie-194
The green ties, purple dresses, and green bouquets. Looks pretty snazzy. Not bad for a girl who's not very good at being a girl. :-)

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  1. you look BEAUTIFUL!!! omg. and i LOVE the purple and green together, it is definitely snazzy!! love love love.