Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy End of DST!

Oh what a difference a day makes! On Saturday I woke up at 5:45 in the pitch black, drove to work (for the day shift in Mission Control) in the pitch black, and finally saw the sun at 3:30 when I left. Then we turned our clocks back. Sunday I woke up at 5:45 (really 6:45 to my body) and there was a little light peeking in the curtains as I got up, got ready, and drove to work in the daylight! Hooray! Not so hooray for a few coworkers who had to suffer an extra hour of their overnight shifts that night so the rest of us could enjoy an extra hour of sleep... but I have been there, done that, so my sympathy is limited.

While I was at work, my wonderful husband was a busy bee around the house:laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning up, and weeding the planter. I don't have a before picture, but our southern grass (St. Augustine) is a terrible weed that grows everywhere. Here's a random grass root growing up around our tree as an example:
Kind of a nasty weed, but it does well in the heat and it's better than a gravel yard! Dan really hates it, but we had the same grass in Florida where I grew up, so its really the only grass I've ever known. (Not-so-funny side story: my brother was allergic to this grass-weed, so as a kid my parents would sometimes take him to the golf course behind my grandparents' house so he could play like a normal kid. Poor guy!)
The planter was very overgrown with these grass shoots and looks a million times better now:
(I promise those spiny brown plants to the left side are much prettier when it's not "winter." They bloom with the prettiest pink flowers for a couple weeks in the spring, too!)

After working the weekend, I took today off in the morning to get ahead on my homework for the week before going into work for a presentation at 2pm.  My initial post in the Discussion Board of the week is due by Thursday night, so I have been trying to follow this pattern: Do my reading for the week on Sunday (even though the week technically starts on Monday) so I can do my initial posting by Monday night while Dan is at Karate. Then if there's a paper or other project due that week, I can wait until the weekend to tackle it. This week that didn't happen because I was on console yesterday, so I did my reading and my my initial post today. Of course I planned to sleep in first, after going to work at 7am the last two days, but between turning the clocks back and worrying about everything that had to get done, I woke up at 6:30 ready to go. Whoops!

After homework, some housework. A Daylight Saving Time PSA for you: Change your smoke detector batteries for DST! I usually swap my batteries once a year, at Fall Back. This has generally prevented any from dying in the middle of the night, which is annoying and leads to sleepy and unsafe ladder operations to shut them up. If you haven't done yours in awhile (or can't remember the last time you did), now is an excellent time! I also swapped out my air filters. After a few summer months of near-constant A/C and before the furnace starts up for winter, its a good idea to get those swapped out too!

All this cleaning and preparing was because my father-in-law is coming to Houston for a week, starting tonight. He's here to help my husband work on "the bug," an old VW beetle someone else turned into a Baja bug and painted in a terrible, pseudo-camouflage fashion, which Dan then purchased on Craigslist less than a month before we started dating. Then a horrible shrew sucked up all his time and he didn't get a lot of work done on it. (Yup, that was me!) My goal for his visit is:
1. Get the bug running so it can be pulled out of the garage if we need to move it out of the way. (That's right, it doesn't run. He towed it here from his old house when we sold it.)
2. Get the bug painted so it can be parked in front of our house without the HOA murderizing us.
See what I mean about the terrible camouflage paint? Gross. But it has potential. Here's hoping next week I can post a much better "after" shot!

Hope you have a great week! I'm off to start some chili in the slow cooker!

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