Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wedding Planning Update- 5 months to go!

Happy September!
This is a scheduled post because I am busy turning 26 years old, hanging out in Disneyland, and running my first ever half marathon. Busy day!

August was a big month for wedding planning stuff. From here on out they probably all will be. It was also a pretty busy month where we squeezed in visits from Dan's sister Emily and my BFF Ali, I worked an overnight shift, and we were in the home stretch of half marathon training including TWO 10 mile long runs. Eep!

This month we:
  • Got an officiant! (Oh thank goodness!) Finally I can say that we will actually be getting married at our wedding. 
  • Did our cake tasting. Yum!
  • Booked a hair stylist. Also I bought a cute hair flower on Etsy from Silverpencils to wear in my hair:
  • Set up our invitations- also included with the venue package (a really weird thing to be included, but whatever) but we had to go pick out a style and draw up the wording.
  • Booked a DJ- this was really just a formality, since this DJ is included with our venue package. He got good reviews on wedding wire though, so we went with it.
  • Bought ceremony shoes
    and two possible "reception" dresses (ordered online- need to pick my favorite and return the other). I will either wear it to the rehearsal or afterparty... I can't decide if I want to wear my big dress to a bar because it's my only shot, or if I'd rather have something more manageable...
  • More bridesmaid dress shopping! Here's BFF Ali in her dress:
  • I'm also pretty close to hiring a florist, we've picked one of the few we got quotes from, but they are closed this week so I need to follow up with them next week.
Things I've pondered this month:
  • Donate or sell my wedding dress? I am pretty sure I won't keep it (I don't harbor the illusion that my daughter will wear it one day) but I can't decide whether to donate or sell. Anyone have a recommendation for a place (or website) to sell or donate a dress?
  • Music for various things. Very conflicted on songs. What should we walk down the aisle to? (I don't plan to have my own special song, just one for the whole bridal party. But what if it's not long enough?)

To do list for September:
  • Set up rehearsal venue- bonus if we can include rehearsal dinner invites when we mail the invitations.
  • Still a few bridesmaids that need dresses.
  • Start working on guy clothes. We know we want to do suits not tuxedos, and Dan has asked all his groomsmen to send him their measurements so we can go suit shopping and use some bargaining to get all 6 for cheap-ish.
  • Hire a bus to bring people between wedding and hotel.
  • Knock out some little things: favors, welcome kit bags, decorations... stuff that has a 5 month shelf life!


  1. HAppy Birthday! It's my birthday on tuesday so we were out celebrating this weekend as well.

    Sounds like you are totally on top of this wedding planning thing. Well done :-)I am also considering buying a second dress for the evening, everyone says it's the right thing to do but I wanna keep my dress on. So might buy a cheap one and bring it with me then decide on the night.


    1. Well Happy belated Birthday! Yesterday (the 4th) was also my bff Ali's bday (in the picture above)!

      I plan to decide night of too. Maybe the dress won't be comfortable and I'll be glad to get out of it. Or maybe I'll never want to take it off!

  2. Hey, belated happy birthday wishes. Seems like you are gonna rock your wedding! Good wedding planning!