Thursday, September 13, 2012

Disney Vacation

On my 26th birthday, we ran a half marathon:

Then we went to Disneyland (and California Adventure)!

The patch says Impala 13 rescue mission. So cute!
Happy Birthday to me!

It's a small, small world!

 After our longest run ever and 2 days traipsing around the parks, our legs were tired. We had initially planned to go to Universal on Tuesday, but decided to take it easy with Character Breakfast at the hotel and a day by the pool.

Me and Chip. Or was it Dale?
Trader Joe's poolside snacks!
I read on Happy Opu about a restaurant in LA so I grabbed a reservation. (Happy Opu is a food blog by actress Jewel Staite who I know of from the old Disney channel show Flash Forward, but she is best known in nerd circles as Kaylee from Firefly!) Even though we didn't go to Universal we made the trek across town for dinner and an evening at Griffith Observatory. It turned out to be a really cool location- right on the Walk of Fame and right near the Hollywood sign!
Apollo 11 has the whole corner of Hollywood and Vine- 4 plaques. Pretty cool!

View of LA from the observatory.

And we finished it off with a ride on Shamu!


  1. It's Dale!
    signed, Chip and Dale's biggest fan ever.
    ps I'm a blog reader without a blog who also is a Jewish girl married to a non-Jew.

    1. Thanks for clearing that up Jess! I used to know, but I guess I got old when I wasn't looking and forgot which had 2 teeth and a brown nose and which had 1 big tooth and a black nose. (But at least I know that's how you tell!)