Thursday, February 2, 2012

What goes in a fitblogger's grocery cart?

Saturday I made a monster shopping trip. $125 monster.

A few reasons why this grocery haul was so massive:
1. I'm working the overnights starting Friday night. This means I'll stay up all night Thursday so I can sleep all day Friday before heading to work. This is a good night for me to cook a large meal that will last me for several nights on console. I also deliver some to my boyfriend so he is well-fed while I'm off saving the world babysitting the space station. It serves another purpose, which is to keep me occupied so I don't fall asleep at midnight. Overriding one's circadian rhythm is no small task.
2. I actually planned meals for the week, and stocked up, rather than deciding day of and stopping at the grocery on the way home. I prefer it this way, but don't always make the time to do it.

In here went many things...

  • Ingredients for Thursday night's sleep shifting project- Turkey Veggie Barley Chili from fANNEtastic food. This serves 10 so it should get me and my bf most of the way through my 7 overnight shifts.

  • Frozen veggies- a couple veggie blends and some shell-free soybeans. These are a staple I rarely buy, mostly due to lack of imagination as to how to spruce these guys up, but they will keep me eating healthy-ish during my night shifts and won't go bad!
  • Backup meals- in case I get tired of soup, or run out because it's so delicious. Frozen meals, carving board turkey, ground beef & salsa (yum taco salad!), lettuce, minute brown rice.
  • Snacks- veggies, fruits, hummus, Terra chips, Chobani, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.
I think I've pretty much loaded up!

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  1. sounds like your stocked with healthy choices :) i love soybeans with soy sauce, such a good snack! or you could throw together a stir fry of sorts with the brown rice!